Embrace the Suck

One phrase I’m learning from long distance hiking is EMBRACE THE SUCK. In hiking it’s a factor of hiking when the going gets horrible. Rain. Steep. Water. Food. Lost. Bears. Noisy neighbors. You catch my drift. In those times you just tell yourself COME ON FEET DON’T FAIL ME NOW or you just keep on plodding along the path no matter what towards the finish.

I think it applies to writing, also. When the story arc collapses, when the chair gets hard. When the coffee runs out. All those things that bring you to a screeching halt. EMBRACE THE SUCK and keep on to the end.

With writing you can always go back and do it again on a more comfortable day. You can even trash the whole shebang and start over at any spot you would like.

Yeah, there’s a lot of similarities between hiking and writing. Hiking has the advantage of fewer distractions, maybe. Don’t over think it. I find hiking lets me think of many things at the same time, whereas writing requires concentration. Constantly.

WRITE and Hike.



The Day After

Just another day.

Mother’s day they advertised $5000 jewels.

Father’s day they advertise WD40 and cargo shorts.

HELP, there’s something wrong here.

Another 500 words written last night. Son here from Ft. Bliss. He says it isn’t bliss at all. Its dusty and windy and getting hot.

It will be hotter overseas.



Father’s Day

Mom always said that everyday was dad’s day. They’re both gone now and those words still ring in my ear. I have no idea how many of my friend, now and back when, grew up without a dad. Yeah, they all had fathers, but few had DAD’s. Inside Arizona state prisons about 50% grew up without a Dad. As I move amongst men and women I find many have a hard time equating God as a loving and caring father. I’ve had many adopt me to fill the gap. It is said that gangs provide a substitute for family, particularly a substitute father for young boys that want nothing more than to be shown how to be a man. Generations have passed in this manner and the image of a man/dad has been seriously warp in the doing.

I miss my dad. He truly loved my mom and me, along with my three siblings. Oh how he loved us. He gave his life away and spent the time with us. It wasn’t always easy. We were untrained, rambunctious kids with minds of our own. Yeah, my sister was his pet, but so were us 3 boys. Each was lifted in a different way. One brother was an intellectual, another a problem child, and then there was the intellectual, problem, lazy, never to be fenced in child – Me. All 4 of us joined on service or another early. Me the earliest, being the oldest by 8 years. One is a bazillionaure. All are independent. One has passed. Three rarely meet. One married a jew. One a Baptist, one a catholic. And me, I married a wayward catholic and became a serious lover of Christ at 39 right beside my wife in a nondenominational church.

By the by, today is flag day, the president’s birthday, and our 49th anniversary.


Oh how I wished I had taken notes.



One must watch for the signs in life. I met a cop after missing a s___. Then I bump my head after not heeding the low ceiling s___. Then there were all the flowers, a s___ of Spring. As in spring has sprung, fall has fell, summer’s here, and its hotter than last year. Right now the s___ up the road is reflecting into my eyes telling me it’s time to pull the curtains.

Then there’s the agreement with Mexico, a s___ Mr. Trump has cut another deal that will benefit the USA with the big red, white, and blue s___ flying in a cool breeze. It’s also a s___ he is better at his job than the previous 3 men in his position. If you don’t like what he’s done, it’s a s___. You figure out what it’s a SIGN of in your life.

Illegals are a s___ other counties are not looking out for their people.

Politics. A s___ of many blood sucking insects some for and others against s___s.



Widgets and Fravengrams

Today I had lunch with an old friend. Good food, but better chat. 15 years can be a long time to catch up on in an hour’s time. The top was skimmed and no depth was reached. But, promises were made.

THE WALK is not selling well, yet. The push will come in September. There’s another book THE WALL just out by a different author. Perhaps there will be a bit of a ride on his shoulders.

Spent 4 hours of today driving. If you ever think you would like to live beyond the sidewalk’s end after the road drops of at the edge of town, think hard on the travel time and lack of services that will be a norm particularly if you get a job in town. I put 50,000 miles a year on my primary vehicle for the past 2 years.

Again, I worked on the mental side of my current WIP.

How do you deal with the commutes and long rides over and over on the same roads?

A new burden has come to me. Why do we treat our excons like scum and whale manure when they get out of prison? They have been spanked and done their sentence. Why not use a wee bit of Christian love and give them a chance. The #2 cause of return to prison is their inability to get work and be welcomed into the community. These guys and gals are just folks and products of their bad choices which are invariably a learned response the are trying to get rid of.

One group started a new church just for the really low level of society and called SCUM OF THE EARTH CHURCH. My kinda church. God is a God of second chances, and third, and fourths.

Go write.


Done for the day!

All’s well that ends well, or that’s what I always heard from my Mama. Well, today ended well. Not in a well, just well.

Book THE WALK, an update of IN HIS STEPS which was published in 1880’s, is on the market at Amazon. Paper back and ebook. If you want it signed it’s $15, mailing included, and contact me by PM. Or, stop by the house in beautiful downtown witch well, AZ. One half mile west of the tavern.


Working on new western. About a quarter of the way done with first draft. Wild west shoot’em up. Action from page one. Take your vitamins before starting.

I will be in my usual spot at the Apache county fair in September with all of my books. Looking forward to meeting some more of my readers.

One project for this fall will be putting new cover pics on most of my older books. They came out so dark and they are not dark stories. Only three or four books. The rest I’m gonna read and correct the copy when necessary. That should be fun. With my memory they will be look like new stories.

Well, my eye lids are slamming shut and the sun is way below the horizon, time for a pillow and comfy mattress.

Are ya writing?


Lots happening

Well, the church is painted inside. Service tomorrow will be a bit different.

THE WALK is awaiting the hour I need to get the final words in place, file is done, and redo the cover and back cover needs lots a help.

WAKE UP is my new western. 70 pages thick so far. Lotsa action and Wednesday I insert the woman or three.

New hearing aides are terrible. I can hear my whiskers grow but not you across the room. 20 days left on trial.

Thought for the day. I really don’t want to. But, I will most of the time. My sched is overflowing, but I still take on more. A critical reading of a friends story, some teaching needed a teacher, folks sick, on and on it goes. I keep on being available on spite of having that full calendar. They tell me it’s because of my abilities and experiences. Most oft I think its because I have a lack of no in my vocabulary.

Good night. 3 hours on the road tomorrow and 7 each Monday and Tuesday. Going to El Paso. Maybe I can find some story arcs there. Gotta remember to take the digital recorder with me. It’s hard to take notes when driving and extremely difficult to read the notes you’ve written when ya get home.

Be blessed. Stay safe. Write.