Don’t you wish you had a Friday like Robinson Caruso? I just sits around and wonders what it would be like to get everything done by Friday.

Okay. It’s corny. But the dream is real.

Just did a red pen rewrite on my nanowrimo book. Lots of red.

Now I have two books in the same shape. No covers as yet. Looking for appropriate pics for each.

Come January I am going to spend a day or six on line getting all of my 19 books updated as far as front and end matter, new covers on at least 5 of them, and all of them on other markets. I have dozen or so marketing ideas to spring on the world. Even looking at getting my westerns and alt history books in audio. That will take until hiking season starts in March.

What do you want, she asks? Danged if I know. Got guns. Got new pack and tent. Maybe a new body. 76 years of wear and tear is starting to show.

May you be richly blessed this Christ Mass season. I dont set much value on 1/1/19 it’s just another day, but 12/25 I value deeply.




Another day in paradise

Kinda stayed home most of the day. Edit and rewrite of Nanowrimo story. I got a bit weepy eyed in a couple of places. First time for that.

Have you ever written something that made you weepy when you reread it. And, for you smarties out there, I don’t mean because it was soooooo bad. Even I have done that.

Tomorrow is pay the bills day. I hate it when that happens.



Monday, monday

Again Mama Cass sings.

My nanowrimo book is probably my best so far, but oooooooooo what editing is required. Stories within stories must be weaved in carefully or they will overshadow the main story and destroy the overall continuity and turn it into mush. Stories within stories must enhance the main, and unless you are planning a sequel or six, you better tie them all up with the main story.

I’m not planning a sequel.

My new dog is still a big wimpy chicken. Anything new and she trembles and hides. New noises send her into panic. But, she is so very loveable.

Working on my nano book and putting together my THE SEA CALLS book for the it’s coming out party hopefully on mid January.

Gotta eat and feed my wife. She gets grouchy when she is hungry. This morning it is 10° in beautiful downtown witch well, Arizona. My wife wants me to wash windows.



Done with nano

So, I have been finished with nanowrimo for a few days. Spent the writing time working on book in final stage while jotting down ideas for the nano book. Both look worth the effort. Tossed a couple of thousand words here and added a few there, should improve things a bit. I hate tossing words, they cost so much it just seems a waste. I have a file for my personal trash can. Every once in awhile I go rummaging for treasure.

Took new dog, sadie, to the vet today. She was very scared and totally frozen. Then we went to get a new halter and a bed. Ah, for the life of a dog.

Working on Christmas services and Christmas eve service. Wifie got most of the scripts out and organized.




Nanowrimo is done for me. At 5 PM Monday 11/26/18 I wrote the 50000th word on my book. It isn’t finished by a long shot. I haven’t written an ending. It may not end, but be a beginning.

But, I hate books that have no ending, but I do like books that new begginings for me. My life has been one new beginning after another. For years I finished nothing. One day I said to the collection of unfinished projects, “I will finish the next thing I start, and I did. It was a rather complex ship model with sails and all. The 3 year old of a good friend destroyed it a week after I finished it.

My books all end, sorta. Folks have been destroying them by finishing them daily.

Books are ment to be read. What if they were yellow or green. Would people still read them. I have more bad books than good. I have learned from them all.

Write, good or bad. It’s okay to write trash. Every word is a learning experience. Think about it.


Nanowrimo day 24

Still 2 days ahead after two days of slow going. Two old friends stopped on right after the other. Years to catch up on.

To write it takes many life experiences to call upon. They can be ones you have lived thru or ones you collect from other sources. A TV show, an overheard conversation, even a book read, all are good resources.

I have a collection of overheard conversations I’d love to at the least make them into a short or better yet a book. The title would be WISDOM IN MCDONALD’S or CONVERSATIONS IN A NUT HOUSE. Feel free to beat me to it.

New dog is still attempting to become a part of the family. She is very hard to read. Consequently, I end up cleaning some rather large messes.

Anybody got some spare paper towels?



Racquetball for breakfast

Up this morning bright and early to drive 60 miles with a friend to play racquetball from 9 to 1140. Third week in a row since I had to quit 2 years ago for a thrown out shoulder. Doing well but a lot slower. Lost every game. Enjoyed the morning.

Got home to new dog and two older ones and all had gone well. On pile my wife got the privilege of cleaning. She loved it. Haha.

Wrote 1500 words before sun-rise.

Got THE SEA CALLS ready to do final edit/review 1 October. The nano book will fester til December 1. I find with my sponge brush brain that if I stuff it for a month or so, I see the errors.

Bath then write,