Some Days

Some days you work hard at writing and some ya don’t. Take today for instance. A week ago this was to be a day of a men’s breakfast at 8 and the rest of the day was mine to work in. Then a meeting got added. Yesterday a man in need called needing a driver to take him to the Doc in Flagstaff. I dropped everything and drove him. Now my empty Friday is full of travel for my lovely wife. 70 miles each way. 5 hours minimum. And the possibility of our new batteries for the solar system arriving. Bingo, no tomorrow.

Tomorrow has been cancelled due to too much interest.

Saturday is laundry day and installing the batteries. Productivity will increase immensely, but not for writing.

I will write. Next week maybe.

Ahaw, tonight I can stay up late to write unless something else comes up.

Ain’t life fun?



New Day

Well, got my nanowrimo book first revision done. Working on proofing the western I put aside for November. Trying to pay the Bill’s with a slow system today. Got money and cain’t even spend it.

Headed to Flagstaff tomorrow 6 AM. Yeehaw. I really dislike traveling at that time of day. Drivers aren’t awake yet or they are exhausted after driving all night. At least I won’t have the sun in my eyes. The trip is to haul a friend to a doctor appointment. He’s buying the gas and lunch.

Got a story in my head that is so vivid I was acting out a fight scene on my wife while I was dreaming it. Fortunately I didn’t do much more than push her away. Not outta bed, but close.

Well now, back to proofing.



El Paso

I think I just saw Marty Robbins ride by, behind a Mexican cantina called Rosie’s.

Very busy town with Fort Bliss on its east side extending for miles into the desert.

Came down here to spend the weekend with grand kids and DIL while daddy is playing in the sandbox with the Army. He will be home in 5 months. Went to Missouri two weeks ago to see another grand kid run cross country. He placed 11th in state. We didn’t make it to Washington or Florida or Phoenix or Texas yet.

Every time we talk of moving closer to the grands, it’s a short discussion. Now the grands are scattering and making the problem even worse.

But, the writing goes on. One book in proofing, one in rewrite, one half written, and one simmering in my head. Sales up a bit. Reviews, not many. I beg my readers to post reviews, even bad ones.

I’ve been reading my early books. One has a few errors still. I will fix. One has a continuity problem that no one has caught. A third has three major errors, a Bible based discussion I have pulled from the shelf. It is getting a careful reading and the repair before going on the market again.

The hard part is sales, followed by reviews. They both lean on each other.

I spent a pocket full of $$$$$ on ads this year and have not had a single sale because of an ad that I can document.

Keep Writing


Aren’t you glad

Aren’t you glad you are not a turkey?!?!. I’ve known some tall featherless turkeys in my life. The Darwin award for this Thanksgiving goes to the man who put the Turkey in the microwave when the Turkey was still frozen and wrapped. Lots a luck for dinner today. I have a few leftover olives if that will help.

Go write.


It’s been awhile

Nanowrimo is done as of 21 November. 51000 words on GEEZER ON THE TRAIL. A light hearted rendition of my hike of the Arizona trail.

Beside nanowrimo, I am 11 teeth lighter and have had a mouth full of pain for 5 weeks now. Just beginning to eat again. 30 lbs lighter.

Working on new book, DEACON Loaded. Editing GEEZER. Proofing SOMETIMES YOU MUST FIGHT. Throw in a couple of hobbies and a 3/4 time job, and my life is full.

If the Lord has me hear to do a certain bunch of things from a list I have, I am so far behind I’ll live till I’m 156.

Glad to be back.



All Gone

Today I have 2 teeth of my own growing left in my mouth. Much pain and discomfort.

BUT now I get to write.

Lots of ideas. Lots of room on my thumb drive. Pad placed in chair.

So, I am moving forward. A word here, a word there, and in no time I’ll have a book. That has worked for 7 nanowrimo Novembers and 23 books.

Every November we travel around the end of the month. I have written on my daughter in laws counter. On my daughter’s couch. In darkened motel rooms of various quality. If I could get my wife to drive I could write in the passenger’s seat.

Where do you write on this busy, cold time of year?

Write a comment below if you read all this.

Go write.