I remember mama tellin’ me that I was born as the sun was coming up early in the morn.. I don’t remember that at all.

But I been writing ever sense.

Enjoy your memories.


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The one thing I like big time about writing is wallering. Wallering is what ya do that most folks call research.

I hit the GOOGLE button and I’m in another world. A world of reality that feels like fantasy. I do a tremendous amount of wallering in roadmaps. The names of exotic towns around the world.

My book THE SEA CALLS had me having compute how long it would take for 40 foot sailing boat to get from one place to another. 40 footers are not fast. I was amazed to find some islands I never heard of, so I had to dig up info on them. Just for the fun.

Did you know that there are islands in the Pacific ocean that are so dry you would die in a few days unless you were stranded there during the rainy season. During the storm season the waves are so high you would drown in waves that put the surface of the isle 10 feet or better. Good luck with that.

Gotta run

Happy wallering


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So, I was all set to publish THE INDIAN AND THE PREACHER when I looked at page. Boom the heading was wrong. It was the heading from my last book, GOING HOME. Then I looked at the dedication page. WHOOPS, there was an error I made on the third draft. I checked around and other errors from third draft, which was the proof draft, were still there.

Somehow I had dumped the file for the final and used the third file.

Fortunately, I have the paper copy of draft 3.

Get out the magic eraser and fix it.

Sure am glad I saved that paper copy.

Off we go.

Go write



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“Rats” I shouted. Not the fuzzy ones that eat the wiring in your cat or carry rabies or chews holes in the wall, but a happening. I just burned my hand on a Taco.

Tacos are dangerous, you know. One rolled across the grill and I, with my brilliant mind, reached for it.


Thats when Rats came out of my mouth.

That’s a gross picture isn’t it. I’m gonna have a hard time sweetening that flash.

Don’t blame me if you barfed on your phone or laptop. It was the rat’s fault.

The tacos were very good. Especially with the little foot prints in the sauce.

Until next time.



Guys, you are missing the best of life. Pedicures. You get to sit beside your best friend and have a cute you lady kneeling at your feet.

Every once in a while you feel the digging of the point of the clipper.

It’s the greatest thing since instant coffee.

Keep writing.


Life isn’t Fair

Every year cities, counties, and states have an occasion called a FAIR. Folks from all around come to check out the food, quilts, goods that lay on the various tables. Many come for the horse races or the mud bogs. And the livestock. Maybe even a winning 4Her or FFA youngster you can build up.

I go to sell my masterpieces. 5.5 days of selling. My steadfast customers show up to get my latest GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL.

And then there are those that I have known for years who look at the table and rack with the comment, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE A WRITER, just like they did last year. Invariably, they chat for ten minutes blocking the cash paying folks before they walk away.

It just ain’t fair at the fair.


I just keep on writing.

How about you? A chaty lookie louis or excited john with cash in hand. Stop by. Bring cash or card. Don’t spend all your money on rides.


What a word. Too bad people don’t use it more and sneek away.

To sneek is to seruptitiously leave or arrive or depart. It might even be used in conjunction with steal. To hide some for the purpose of sneeking something away without or with your permission.

Think about these words when you wonder what I’m doing behind your back as you read this.

Go write


Opticon 99

This new bug is hitting folks hard is OPTICON 99 a mutation of OPTICON 98. The symptoms include love of politicians and pronouns. The singing of alphabet songs indicate a terminal case.

Love and kisses to all.

Keep singing.

The scammers are running rampant

Do ya wanna make $500,000?

Send me $20 USA and I’ll show ya how.

Call 19004598561 within an hour and tell the lady that answers I sent you for the $50000 relief check signed by Joe personally.

After you’ve done all that, send me a picture of your credit cards front and back, and $45 for shipping and handling, I’ll send back solid silver genuwine copies for your use.

Thank you. I am at you service at 555 555 1234.


The word that I’d started with is a statement of ignorance.

Any time you use some and add to make it a compound word, you are admitting your ignorance.

So, if you want your listeners or readers to put a label of ignorant on you or question your speakers intellectual capacity in the dialog you are writing, use some. Nothing is definite when preceeded by some..

Watch your words, or they can bite ya in the fingertips.

Maybe a few will get a couple ideas.

Writing Sailor

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