Elephants and gorillas

A meeting was called to order and the first thing out of the facilitators mouth was, “All through this meeting you will notice we are ignoring the gorilla and the elephant in the room.”  We the proceeded with the meeting and did just that until the very worst moment when the self appointed elephant and gorilla killer/trainer piped in with the make, model, and pedigree of both.

Thus was the door to the solution to the largest problems, read mystery, was opened.

Our writing must do that also.  We can beat around the solution to the conflict in our works for just so long and then it is time for the protagonist to make the elephants and gorillas known and from them deduce solutions.

How many unspoken of critters are hiding in your work?



Why is it so many writers who pound out page after grueling page of joyful effort will not make a simple mark on one piece of paper and vote?   While you are preparing to vote check out the candidates stand on any form of censorship.  Wouldn’t want to lose the job you have worked hard to create for yourself.