There must be a way

So, how do you write a blog that entertains and informs without selling yourself?  Or, how do you do a blog without attracting political, religious, and otherwise obnoxious wackos from sending a lovely mess of comments?

Today the second question is the important one.  

The first one is a matter of practice, if at all it is possible.  The blogs and email newsletters that I subscribe to are mostly informative occasionally and always selling the author.  Worry not, I am not for sale.  

There were these two monkeys sitting on bar stools in a coffee shop.  The first one slugged down an espresso, leaped into the air, swung from the chandelier, landing in a sweet babe’s lap and got a kiss.  

The second says I’ll have what he had.  Slugging it down, he quivered with anticipation.

The guy behind the counter says, “That’ll be nine-fifty.”



Rain in Arizona

Believe it or not.  It does rain in Arizona.   I walked out to the truck and got hit by two drops during the 60 feet of walking.  So, as a rainy day writer I must now go write. 

How about you?  Are you waiting for a rainy day to write?