Web site

On the recommendation of multiple individuals moi is setting up a web site. The url has been in place for quite awhile and I decided decided now is the time to get hot on the project.   Knowing close to nothing about lmnop and html programming I waded in, bought the book, wore the tee shirt, and chewed the gum. Lmnop I made up because I cannot get all the alphabet soup list clear in my feeble mind.  I learned my programming back in the olden days of 1 room per computer.  BPP (before parallel processors).

Okay so I take the paint a web page by number option from Godaddy.  Spend hours trying to get the hosting transferred from the not Arizona English speaking company only to find out it takes multiple days for this to happen even after you have all the magick numbers, letters, passwords, and permission from the bosses granny ( I think she said granny). 

So, now I attempt to put together a web page without a website (doable) and I am off and running.